Coconut & Fig Bar (50 Grams Approx)
A divinely delicious and uncommon combo. Unfolding flavours and texture that hit all the right notes and a nutritional offering that ticks all the boxes. A must try.
Walnut, Chia Seed & Peanut Butter Bar Omega-3 Boost (50 Grams Approx)
Description:Our granola of the same flavor was such a hit amongst fitness enthusiasts, we had to introduce it as a single serving which could be consumed on the go. Ideal for pre/post workout, an energy refuel at work or just an...
Almond, Raisin and Oat Bar (50 Grams Approx)
Description:A convenient, satisfying, energy packed clean ingredient anytime/anywhere super snack. The combo of fresh crunchy California almonds, combined with whole grain oats, raisins and honey is a difficult one to beat.
Sesame, Hemp & Date Bar (50 Grams Approx)
Description:This is the one that stands out not just in terms of flavor but also for the nutritional offering. Packed with organic imported superfood hemp seeds and ground sesame seeds this bar has a delicious unfolding palette of flavors with each...
Dark Chocolate, Nuts and Sea Salt Bar (50 Grams Approx)
Description:If you are a true chocolate lover this is the one for you. the decadent combination of pure dark chocolate combined with nuts and seasoned with sea salt offers the perfectly chewy and fudgy texture with a rich flavor. 
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