Raw Acacia Honey (Net Weight 400 grams)
Honey that is just the way nature intended.Raw, unheated, and unpasteurised.
Dark Chocolate, Almond & Oat Clusters (500 Grams Approx)
Description:What’s more indulgent than pure dark chocolate combined with almonds? The first flavor of our cereal line was a no-brainer. We took two of our (and quite likely everyone’s) favorite ingredients, added some other pure whole tasty super foods and...
High Energy Almond Date & Oat Granola (300 Grams Approx)
Description: For those that like to start their morning with something sweet yet guilt free. A delicious, highly satisfying and wholesome combo of large grade A crunchy California Almonds, organic Aseel Dates, whole grain oats seasoned with some honey and...
Omega-3 Boost Walnut, Chia Seed & Peanut Butter Clusters (300 Grams Approx)
Description: These clusters are the most delicious and convenient way to get your daily recommended health boosting Omega-3 fats. A nutrient packed super combo of organic chia seeds, the finest walnuts and homemade peanut butter. So tasty on their own,...
Anti-Oxidant Powerhouse Cashew, Almond, Raisin and Oat Granola. (300 Grams Approx)
Description:Cashews, almonds, raisins, whole grain oats seasoned with honey cinnamon and sea salt and lightly toasted in pure coconut oil – Such a tasty and healthy combo. Need we say more?
Premium Nut, Seed & Oat Granola (300 Grams Approx)
Description: This is the original premium flavor that started it all. A super nutritious combo of the finest select Almonds, Walnuts and Cashews combined with whole grain oats, seeds, lightly seasoned with honey, sea salt and slow toasted to perfection...
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